About us

Created in 2015 New Art Rivals is your one stop shop for the best gifts ever! All images are crafted uniquely and individually and no two are alike. Each is signed and numbered and no image is around very long as im always moving on to new ideas.

My name is Audwynn Newman a former illustrator for Marvel and D.C. Comics. As well as concept artist on such licensed properties as Batman Beyond, Dino Men, Magic The Gathering , Small Soldiers , Invasion America and a host of X-Men, Spiderman, Ironman and other toys lines.

The concept of Rival art was born out of my love of Sports and my child hood influences such as Godzilla, Star Wars, Comic books and 70's-80's Cartoons like Hong Kong Phooey, Johnny Quest, Thundarr, The Herculoids, and Voltron.

The concepts started with New Art Rivals have evolved into all aspects of life interests habits hobbies and passions but the one thing that hasn't changed is the way all images are produced. Each piece individual made by my hands so as to keep it unique. As I always say " Real art should Identify itself" Thats when it speaks to you.

If you love something we'll have an image for it..... If not we'll get one going soon!

No Mistakes Just Happy Accidents

My Journey started At Marvel Comics with Conan The Barbarian

Savage Sword Of Conan Blk /Wht Page

It evolved into licensed properties

ToyBiz Spiderman Venom Line

Spiderman Planet Of The Symbiots Venom Line


Eventually morphing into its own unique vision

Cubby Snack Painted on Illinois